Kleinmond Tel: 028 271 3994

Langebaan Tel: 022 772 1252 / 1296 / 2385

Life Right Concept:

The occupant shall have the right to occupy the apartment for the remainder of his/her natural lifetime.  By termination of the contract (death or too frail to live in the apartment) the original purchasing price will only be paid back, when the apartment is re-sold.


Assisted Apartment Care:

  • Three meals per day, 7 days per week, to be served in the dining room or in the residents suite at the discretion of the nursing staff and management.
  • 5kg of personal laundry per week.  This does not include dry cleaning.
  • Servicing of units once per week on days specified by the management.  (no washing of dishes)
  • 24 Hour nurse call system
  • General health monitoring in conjunction with the residents doctors.
  • Post and admin service.
  • Water, electricity, municipal services and insurance.
  • Bathing and dressing assistance - as needed.
  • Making of beds - as needed.
  • Administration of medicine.
  • Visits by nursing staff. (not including medicine and other medical consumables).