Kleinmond Tel: 028 271 3994

Langebaan Tel: 022 772 1252 / 1296 / 2385

Frail Care:

  • Qualified nursing staff 24 hours per day, care affectionately for the elderly
  • Private and double rooms
  • Full assistance towards:
    • Personal Hygiene
    • Mobility
    • Medicine and General Health monitored in conjunction with family and local doctors
  • Balanced Diets
  • Registered with B.H.F., S.A.A.H.A. and Department of Health
  • All rooms fitted with:
    • 24 Hour emergency nurse call system
    • telephone points
    • DSTV & SABC connection points


Sub-acute Care / Step Down:

Sub-acute care is relatively new and rapidly growing medical service.  It merges the sophisticated technology of a hospital and the efficiency of a skilled nursing facility to reduce the cost of services while maintaining quality of care.

  • 24 Hour nursing care
  • Fully equipped treatment room
  • Practice number: 049 001 0202126
  • Registered with all Medical Aids


Assisted Living Apartments:

These apartments are ideal if you want your freedom but still need some extra care when needed.


Sold on Life Right:

The occupant shall have the right to occupy the apartment for the remainder of his/her natural lifetime.  By termination of the contract (death or too frail to live in the apartment) 80% of the original purchasing price will be paid back, when the apartment is re-sold.

Apartments consist of bed-sitter and 1 bedroom apartments.  All apartments are fitted with a kitchen and own bathroom.  Most of the apartments on the ground floor have their own private garden and on the first floor a balcony.  Apartment sizes from 20m to 90m.

Two levels of care available: Low and Mid Care.


Please contact us for pricing and availability:

Kleinmond: 028 271 3994 or 028 271 3488 (fax)

Langebaan: 022 772 1252 / 1296 / 2385 or 022 772 2061 (fax)

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.